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Crown Lynn pattern #495 candle stick holder

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Crown Lynn pattern #495 candle stick holder

Post  Rocke316 on Fri 17 Dec - 23:21

This is a simple design reminiscent of the candle stick holders from days gone by. Although it doesn't have a handle, it is nice and functional with a large bowl to collect dripping wax, thankfully we haven't had to use candles for a while, even during the earthquake!. I don't know how many of these candle stick holders were made, but I have never seen another one during my years of collecting Crown Lynn. 150mm dia x 60mm hi with impressed numbers but no Crown Lynn mark. This photo could go into the shape guide if you like Ev.



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Re: Crown Lynn pattern #495 candle stick holder

Post  Thelma on Fri 17 Dec - 23:46

Hi, That is a beautiful candle holder. I wish I could find ones like that then I could chuck out all the other foreign ones I have here for emergencies. During our 1 1/2 days of no power after the earthquake we used all of my candle sticks in the evening to save on torch batteries. They are most invaluable but it would be nicer to have NZ made ones.


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Re: Crown Lynn pattern #495 candle stick holder

Post  Ev on Sat 18 Dec - 5:55

Fantastic Rocke cheers
I think it is simply divine :ho ho ho:


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