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Joshua Carder

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Joshua Carder Empty Joshua Carder

Post  TonyK on Thu 21 Apr - 7:26

Joshua Carder was responsible for the earliest fired clay production at Limeburners Bay. I understand the oldest part of the site he operated on has been gobbled by the rapacious maw of development.

A throwing room floor, the pathway up to Carder's cottage and much of the detritus that accummulates around any busy industrial site - all gone. I've known grown men weep over this vandalism and others make money from it. See: Bader, H.-D., 2007. Limeburner’s Bay, Waitakere, Auckland – Archaeological Damage Assessment. Report prepared by Geometria Ltd for Waitakere City Council, Auckland.

and the 2003 'Conservation Plan for Carder's Heavy Clay Pottery Works, Limeburners Bay' also prepared for Waitakere CC.

and the poster this 2001 article describes:
The drawing seems to minimise the impact commercial ceramics operations have on their environment and has kilns and clay extraction operating next to unspoiled bush. I lived across the road from the brickworks in Miramar in the early 1960s - bit like being stuck in a bus queue with a smoker. Unfiltered Camels or considering the amount of salt glazing involved in pipe production Gauloises.

This bottle is from Carder's wasters pit. It has a deep firing crack around the bottom and an attractive grey/brown glaze.
Joshua Carder Carder10

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Joshua Carder Empty Re: Joshua Carder

Post  Ev on Thu 21 Apr - 17:39

Ever so interesting Tony ......
can you tell us how early in European history that Carder's were in production?
Doubt if neighbours were a problem when they fired their kilns way back then Wink

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Joshua Carder Empty Re: Joshua Carder

Post  TonyK on Thu 21 Apr - 19:14

The article about the poster that was done for the ARC Heritage Series says 1869 to 1929 - and this refers to Clark's as well as Carder's. I looked for any references that confirm or challenge this.

"This includes Carder’s heavy clay pottery works, R O Clark Ltd works, which dates back to the 1850s, [Gadzooks! seems unlikely] and the unmarked Holland brickworks site." -

"soon after September 1863" - referencing Clough, R. 2006. Hobsonville Limeburners Bay, Proposed Subdivision Dp104222: Archaeological Assessment. Unpublished Report.

"The land was mainly used for farming, however in 1863 a commercial pottery works was also established, centred on nearby Limeburners Bay. Eventually up to seven companies operated until the clay deposits ran out in the 1930s." -

"The two companies operated in the area between 1863 and 1929." -

Jack Diamond says "The first to start was Joshua Carder who in 1863 started pipe making with bricks as a sideline." and "On the property adjoining Joshua Carder, R. O. Clark started in the brick and pipe business in 1864."

"Clark's infant pottery was established in 1862. Two years later [1964] a Staffordshire potter, Joshua Carder, bought land at the Hobsonville auction and opened a clay pit."- Dick Scott.

And now?:
"He [Waitakere councillor Ross Dallow] said many brick materials were outside the subdivision reserve and the Joshua Carder brickworks site seemed to have disappeared under a new road." -

West Auckland plumber Bryan Heron has been fighting for years to get adequate care and recognition for Limeburners Bay. His frustration at official inaction and the constant vandalism hasn't impacted on his generosity and enthusiasm. On 31 March 2011 he sold the plumbing business he established in 1961.

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Joshua Carder Empty Re: Joshua Carder

Post  The Carder Connection on Thu 15 Sep - 19:28

Tony - the Carders were my father's family and it was a source of great pride to him that Carder Bros had the earliest pottery works in Auckland - 1850's would tie in with the family history.

The Carder Connection

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Joshua Carder Empty Re: Joshua Carder

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