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Swan Necks

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Swan Necks Empty Swan Necks

Post  DaSiEm on Sun 19 Jun - 16:33

Can someone please explain why some swans have space between the neck and body and some don't? Is one more sought after than the other?

Any history would be good. Thanks.

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Swan Necks Empty Re: Swan Necks

Post  TonyK on Sun 19 Jun - 21:41

The short answer is that the moulds wore out and new ones made that were not identical to others. The more moulds were used the less definition there was to the form so feet and feathers became less distinct.

There are variations of neck shape with the most obvious being the large swans that are referred to as the "male" and "female" swan. The curve of the neck, the shape of the beak etc are quite different. If you search "swan" on this forum you'll get to see many variations.


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