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Crown Lynn Swan Authenticity

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Crown Lynn Swan Authenticity

Post  Lysette on Thu 30 Aug - 7:37

I just recently got given a baby swan.
It looks exactly like the Crown Lynn 2065 but doesn't have any markings or numbers on the base of it. Does this mean it is a look-alike or did Crown Lynn sometimes leave markings off the base?
It is much whiter in colour in comparison to my cream large swan. Very keen to find out! Smile


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Re: Crown Lynn Swan Authenticity

Post  Ev on Thu 30 Aug - 7:55

Welcome to the Forum Lysette Smile

This is a quote from our Swanologist HeatherT
"I think there were gremlins at work at Crown Lynn omitting numbers just for fun to confuse future collectors!!"

The only way I can think of would be to compare your swan to one that was backstamped or numbered by weight and measurements and to check that the clay looked the same ........ good luck.


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