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In the dishwasher, or not.

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In the dishwasher, or not.

Post  DaSiEm on Mon 18 Mar - 17:08

My question to everyone. I'm really fussy about handwashing my plates (that are used regularly) cause I've heard that the cleaning product can fade the pattern. This of course means, I handwash all of the dishes as cups and cutlery are pretty easy and most cooking utensils (pots etc) are rinsed after use. Easy.

We got a dishwasher with the house we moved into and I've never used it. My partner thinks that's a bit silly. I told him he could use it but not to put my plates in the dishwasher...

Are dishwasher cleaners really that bad, or am I being a fusspot?


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Re: In the dishwasher, or not.

Post  mumof1 on Mon 18 Mar - 20:21

Hi DaSiem,

The dinnerware marked dishwasher safe is supposed to be, although I have seen some of this more crazed than the older pieces. I hand wash some of my Crown Lynn, the pieces I am fond/proud of. However, my daughter really likes her cereal in a 1169 running glaze bowl. So far (touch wood ?) it still looks as great as the day I bought it, there is no pattern on it mind, but even the glaze shows no sign of wear or crazing. We do however have a modern dishwasher, and use the light low temp setting, so perhaps this makes a difference. My opinion is that Crown Lynn is actually tougher than people give it credit for, but if it is special to you, and you don't want to take the risk, then keep handwashing. Good luck sunny

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Re: In the dishwasher, or not.

Post  Ev on Tue 19 Mar - 15:02

What patterns do you have? Some designs are put on under the glaze and are very hard wearing.... others like Topaz, Sapphire are put on top of the glaze and are not protected. I've seen some dreadful bleached out patterns from dishwashers in my travels and it's a shame when they are hard to find patterns.
I have a dishwasher now, but only use it when we have a crowd. My dinnerset is Herald and is dishwasher proof.

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re in the dishwasher or not

Post  Jonno on Sun 24 Mar - 21:37

Thought it worth mentioning that gold trim or decoration is especially fragile and should not be put in the dishwasher.

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Re: In the dishwasher, or not.

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