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Nursery Rhymes Cups

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Nursery Rhymes Cups Empty Nursery Rhymes Cups

Post  bopmum on Sun 18 Aug - 15:39

I have been pondering over these cups.  One looks to be really faded badly and someone suggested that it was most probably because it had been in the dishwasher.  Which I kind of agreed.  But when I got the other bright and vibrant cup I thought how could the dishwasher make the backstamp so blurry and not the pictures.  I also noticed that although the cup shapes are the same the handle are most definitely not the same shape.  Any thoughts?
Nursery Rhymes Cups Nurscu10
Nursery Rhymes Cups Nurscu11
Nursery Rhymes Cups Nurscu12

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Nursery Rhymes Cups Empty Re: Nursery Rhymes Cups

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Sun 26 Jun - 9:44

It appears that CL did make the Nursery Rhymes cups in both 3038 cup shapes. I just picked up one with the angle handle and seller had a choice of saucers, the two that go with 3038s, so I got them both.

I bought a stash of kiddie cups, mostly English, and CL saucers, including a 48-55 754 duo with Jack and a Jill transfers which I will post tomorrow.

I went there to pick up the 754 duo and but did four or so buy nows from the front hall while seller trotted them up at the dining table! A few pieces had not been listed.

BTW. My cup is Baa Baa Black Sheep, illustrated by a little boy running down the lane with a bag of wool. No Nursery Rhymes backstamp on cup but stamps on both saucers.

Here's the cup sitting on what I believe is the correct saucer, left, and the saucer for the round handle 3038, right:
Nursery Rhymes Cups Nurser12

Both saucers have the nursery rhymes backstamp.
The cup only has raised made in new zealand.

Here's the haul:
Nursery Rhymes Cups Nurser13
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