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A new Orzel pattern: more Lattice Ware?

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A new Orzel pattern: more Lattice Ware?

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Sun 1 Dec - 15:22

A good day at Tikipunga market.
A random unmarked 50c mug looks pretty certain to be Orzel.

98mm H x 70 OD at lip

If anyone feels the need to check this out google-image "Orzel pottery".
You will find matches there for overall shape and glaze (on separate items).
although I didn't see any for the modelling.

I read in Gail Henry that what I have referred to in places as basketweave is correctly called "Lattice Ware". I wonder if this modelling may also be Lattice Ware.
The horizontal bands all pass over the top of the verticals so it is not a "weave".
Jeremy Ashford

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