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Nicky Jolly Salt Boat and spoon

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Nicky Jolly Salt Boat and spoon Empty Nicky Jolly Salt Boat and spoon

Post  mumof1 on Thu 27 Mar - 15:45

Nicky Jolly Salt Boat and spoon Dsc00610
Such a cute wee boat and oar (spoon) and takes up less room than a salt pig
Nicky Jolly Salt Boat and spoon Dsc00611
I am sure this is the mark of Nicky Jolly  sunny

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Nicky Jolly Salt Boat and spoon Empty constructed mug, a one-off

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Thu 4 Feb - 13:40

Nicky Jolly mug

Yes Anne, the boat is Nicky Jolly's work. Similar can be seen on her website.

I met Nicky at Whangarei's annual "Artbeat" art fair in the weekend.
Nicky Jolly Salt Boat and spoon Jolly110
9.5cm H

This mug was a bit different from the others Nicky had on offer.
It has not been turned on a wheel: it is fabricated. There is a vertical seam at the handle and further evidence of joining internally at the edges of the base.
As far as I am aware this is the only mug I have that was made this way.
Nicki said the cadmium red is the only glaze she does not mix for herself.
Nicky Jolly Salt Boat and spoon Jolly210
there is a bit of variation in the mark on this mug (left)

Waitangi weekend.
Just returned from seeing Marcus. He reminded me that Nicky had worked at the Potters Arms with Lex Dawson and Peter Lange. Now I see a bit of Lange in the shape of this handle!

And Tuesday.
I emailed Nicky to show her a picture of a Lex Dawson Potters Arms mug I have with pictures of Lex and her and Peter on it, and I also asked her how the red mug above came about as it was unique among her items for sale at Artbeat. Nicky replied:

"My mug was a little play around. I was talking to another stall holder today about how we tend to do work for the market and must remember to also do work for ourselves, to stretch and satisfy our creativity."

Some of Nicki's boats on trademe:

Also, I saw a Nicky had a new range of mugs (well ones I have not seen before) at Whangarei's "Bach". I will try to get in and take some photos.

New mugs from a Nicky at The Bach, Whangarei.
Nicky Jolly Salt Boat and spoon Nicky10
Jeremy Ashford
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