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Grimwades "Maoriland" and "Maori Ware"

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Grimwades "Maoriland" and "Maori Ware" Empty Grimwades "Maoriland" and "Maori Ware"

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Tue 10 Jun 2014 - 12:02

Colonial scenes were popular on English China.

Here are some examples of Maori scenes on a "Maoriland" jug and "Maori Ware" teapot, both made by Grimwades. I guess they are early twentieth century but I have not researched them at all.

These were my father's. They have sat on a friend's shelf for a few years as I have nowhere safe to keep them. The photos were rushed and the lighting harsh, but as they have been sitting on the iPad for months I thought I should post them anyway.
Grimwades "Maoriland" and "Maori Ware" Maoril10
Grimwades "Maoriland" and "Maori Ware" Maoriw10

I'm watching this auction to see what it goes for:

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Grimwades "Maoriland" and "Maori Ware" Empty Re: Grimwades "Maoriland" and "Maori Ware"

Post  Ev on Wed 11 Jun 2014 - 8:23

This article from 2008 will show you how collectable these pieces are

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Grimwades "Maoriland" and "Maori Ware" Empty Re: Grimwades "Maoriland" and "Maori Ware"

Post  mike67 on Wed 11 Jun 2014 - 12:17

Another English pottery...this time Moorcroft with a lovely ponga vase.
Grimwades "Maoriland" and "Maori Ware" Img_1441

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Grimwades "Maoriland" and "Maori Ware" Empty Re: Grimwades "Maoriland" and "Maori Ware"

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