Beach Oil Jugs Variation

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Beach Oil Jugs Variation

Post  mike67 on Sat 20 Dec - 13:31

I picked up the teapot and jug (with that very distinctive stopper) a couple of days ago and just happened to put the the two jugs together. Quite different on close examination and most obvious the base size. I would like to know the time frames for the two!
I presume the teapot is the same as Jeremy's. 150 mm to top and 170 mm handle to spout.


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Re: Beach Oil Jugs Variation

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Fri 16 Jan - 22:52

Sorry Mike, I missed that. I was on holiday at the time.

Yes your teapot appears to be a match for mine.

I have just had a look inside it for a catch up as I got this before I knew about the hand potting and now I see that yes it is hand-potted. But no initials.

Base diameter is three inches by the finger measure.

Lid belongs but is not a good fit.

The yellow does not look as bright as on your one but that could be the lighting.

Here's mine again.
Jeremy Ashford

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Re: Beach Oil Jugs Variation

Post  Ev on Mon 22 Jun - 12:16

Not sure that these are made by Beach as most look like the ware made by Peter Lowry, so I will move this into his topic.

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Re: Beach Oil Jugs Variation

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