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Is this d529 Dreamsong Brown???

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Is this d529 Dreamsong Brown???

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Sun 30 Aug - 1:12

In earlier discussion on 3023 coffee cans I offered the suggestion that as d528 Candy Stripe and d530 to d532 were all patterns on said 3023 cans that perhaps d529 was also on a 3023. (Candy Stripe d528 ... Purple Myrtle d530, Arthur and Martha d531, Captain Sharples d532)
Ev wrote:Database has -
529 Dreamsong Brown
529 Redlegs

When I first posted this 3023/4017 duo, below, I wrote that I agreed with gloworm that the colour appears to be a match for Forma brown.

There is no pic in the gallery for d529 Dreamsong Brown.
So, I'm just wondering if this "Forma Brown" colour on the duo is d529.

3023/4017 duo: d529 Dreamsong Brown?

I'm not totally convinced myself as I thought the duo to be heavier than those in 528 and 530-532, thus I thought it would have been made later, but otherwise it fits nicely.

I guess another issue would be the colour on the underside of the saucer. The other cans date from 1968. I don't have the date for Mark Cleverley's Echo in my head but I think it's later. Echo was famous first for colour under flatware.
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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Re: Is this d529 Dreamsong Brown???

Post  Ev on Sun 30 Aug - 9:26

I need more confirmation for this one Jeremy.  Searching around I found Dreamsong Cream in the Auckland Museum records and it says 'Same print as Daydream'.  We have Daydream on the site ...

This doesn't mean anything, but I will look forward to finding Dreamsong Brown Wink

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