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Call the pottery police on these egg cups

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Call the pottery police on these egg cups

Post  mumof1 on Tue 14 Mar - 8:27
I tried last time they were listed, and was curtly told they were part of the nursery series. Looks very made in China to me!

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Re: Call the pottery police on these egg cups

Post  Ev on Tue 14 Mar - 8:54

The only way to get anywhere with some people is to show them proof, otherwise there is nothing you can do.

Like I did with this auction the other day ...
Even though he couldn't change the auction heading, he finally got it.
I alerted Heather who had bid on the auction, but she knew that it was Titian and is happy to win at that price.

I found myself being the Pottery Police automatically at the Swap-meet, pointing out things that were not Crown Lynn, then I quickly stopped as it was upsetting one stallholder in particular who had several things.  I could read her mind and it said to me ... Who are you?  Why are you picking on me?  So instead of saying it out loud, just said it to myself.  One stall had all badged ware and most of it was English .....
oh well Let the Buyer Beware Smile

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