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Thoughts on the Air New Zealand beakers at Te Papa

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Thoughts on the Air New Zealand beakers at Te Papa

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Sun 13 Aug - 16:44

"The next ones to watch for are the wee ones that can be seen at Te Papa."
That's me on Skite Site

Ev, I'm bringing this topic back to the forum as I'm getting a bit wordy for Skite Site.

If the other beakers or goblets in Te Papa and the Drummond Collection auction are castware, which seems most likely, they would have PRECEDED the "1134 Air New Zealand Goblet" (18/1/72) BY AT LEAST 5 MONTHS (closest break in numbering before is numbers 1127-29, which were made before 8/7/71) OR FOLLOWED BY NO LESS THAN 7 YEARS (if they could be the "1289 Fruit or Cocktail Dish" 10-12/78, which I doubt) but more likely as much as fifteen (as the next break in numbering is 1436, 1984-86).

If Crown Lynn then my next guess would be Orzel, which would be easy enough identify if we could see the fettling on the footrings. Some idea of their date of use would certainly help here. If we are looking at approximately the same time as the ones we know, the 1134, then that is too early for Parker Pottery, who would be next guess.

If they were Orzel, then Cam Brown may know something of them.

If Crown Lynn then perhaps Bruce Yallop would be the man to talk to.

If they are not castware then that is an avenue I have yet to explore.
Jeremy Ashford

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Re: Thoughts on the Air New Zealand beakers at Te Papa

Post  Ev on Sun 13 Aug - 16:50

I seem to remember going down this road before, but we couldn't find any necessary data to confirm. I would like to hold one and see the base too. But the fact is there are barely any to be seen. Perhaps they were a small special run that wasn't repeated hence no need for a number? The different glazes could have been done for trial purposes .....

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