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Black Stein 1990 Commonwealth Commemorative

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Black Stein 1990 Commonwealth Commemorative

Post  Kat & Co. on Thu 16 Nov - 12:54

Large 17cmh , A Genuine NZ Black Stein
A 1990 Commonwealth Commemorative.
Limited Edition on back.
Handcrafted in New Zealand
& same fern detail on base.
Who mark is this??     Suspect

Kat & Co.
Kat & Co.

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Re: Black Stein 1990 Commonwealth Commemorative

Post  Maryr on Fri 17 Nov - 7:39

When you find out let me know Cat. Mine has been driving me cerazy for years.

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Clay Works Clayworks maybe?

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Fri 17 Nov - 9:46

Kat, Val,

One of the lesser known commercial potteries to use raised marks is Clay Works aka Clayworks.

They have used a black glaze, made mugs, have similar footrings.

We only have dates from 1991 on so far but that's just one year out so not too much of a stretch.

I can't say that the font used for has markings is exactly the same but I see some similarities.

Clay Works used a variety of stickers and raised marks.

I think this company is worth further investigation.
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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Re: Black Stein 1990 Commonwealth Commemorative

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