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Mobile users to the site are increasing.

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Mobile users to the site are increasing.

Post  Ev on Mon 14 Jan - 8:39

As of today 14.1.2019 the stats show that
48.2% visit the site using desktops
40.5% visit on mobiles
11.3% use tablets.

The mobile usage is moving up quickly and there are many who find it difficult to navigate the site.  The reason seems to be that mobiles show the Topic It version and not the desktop view.
There is a dropdown menu that gives the desktop view as an option and I  use this option every time I go on my mobile.

It is annoying as it always reverts to the Topic It version and I have to change it to desktop, then log in if I want to add pics or comments. It's really annoying actually and I'm trying to find a way to just make the desktop version show on mobiles, but I may be trying to go backwards .....

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Re: Mobile users to the site are increasing.

Post  JanPots on Tue 15 Jan - 7:38

I use my mobile all the time.  But somehow it stays as desktop view.
I'll look into it and see if I can figure out how it does that lol Laughing
Thinking about it.....
I open Internet and have this saved as a tab .
I used to have the link saved to my home screen and that always asked if I wanted the topic version.
Hope this is helpful?

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Re: Mobile users to the site are increasing.

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Tue 15 Jan - 8:05

My iPad mini has started reverting to mobile view and I seem to need to login more often. If this is unusual to me it could be because I have so many tabs open and also usse the private browser so I can have even more. The private browser does not store passwords.
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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Re: Mobile users to the site are increasing.

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