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Post  Jeremy Ashford Sun 17 Nov - 0:22

I've been meaning to go for a drive north for some time. I chatted with Bruce Sowry, president of the antiques club at the auction yesterday and almost asked him to come for a drive then and there but realised I had commitments at home. The box lot with the Cook & Serve had bids left way over what I wanted to pay so I cleared out.

I went today instead. I used to go regularly with Dad before he died but haven't done it for ages. Things have changed. There are plenty of op shops north of Whangarei. My mistake was choosing a Saturday because I had to rush, missed some out and found some closed.
I returned with change from fifty dollars.

Kamo is nearly Whangarei so I have no trouble getting to the SPCA there weekly, and I'm waiting to be surprised by North City Traders. But not for me today.
Hikurangi is close enough at 17 Km that I am able to go there reasonably regularly for one 2nd hand and one op shop, Red Cross. Again, not today.

First stop Kawakawa. They have a St Johns, which was closed today, and a great little Hospice shop, over the road from the Hundertwasser toilets. See where my dollar went here:
They also had some lovely Country Fair ramekins, but they were a bit dear.

The Bait Shop in Moerewa also does a line in second hand goods but I was rushing and missed out as they were closed when I came back.

Kaikohe used to have an antique shop, great second-hand shop, and a demo yard. I was disappointed that the 2nd-hand had changed hands and had nothing for me. Antique shop was closed, and not looking hopeful anyway. Demo yard seems to have disappeared. I didn't notice any op-shops but surely there must be something. Save-mart had a few nic-nacs. It also happened to be Market Day, but absolutely nothing for me.

The time was approaching mid-day so I made a dash for Kerikeri, not knowing when the shops closed. Delayed slightly by their annual 1/2 marathon, I nevertheless managed to hit four op shops which I think were all closing at 1pm, and an antique shop.
Hospice shop turn right as you hit town, and it jumps out at you.
Lots of hand-potted there, but that is way beyond my comfort zone.
Carry on and next left takes you to St Johns, on the corner. Nothing for me today.
Hit the main drag again and just after New World is one of two SPCA shops. I'm sure they have some good stuff but not for me today. Pondered separating an Orzel basket weave mug from a box-lot for flatters, but decided I didn't need it. Same as one I got from Retro Fair.
Heading back home I discovered the second SPCA, in an old house just past the roundabout where I turned for Hospice. A treasure-trove. The back shed was open today too.
Heading back to SH10 I saw on the right Pete's Place, an antique shop adjoining the museum. More traditional antiques than the "retro" stuff I'm looking at these days. A great collection (the country's best I''m told) of smoking paraphernalia.

And then back home. Bait shop closed, Kawakawa Hospice still open at 1.30.
I suppose there are other shops I missed but I didn't allow time to go hunting. I'll check with Bruce: he knows everyone and everything.
Jeremy Ashford
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