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brainstorm: set of 1079s

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brainstorm: set of 1079s Empty brainstorm: set of 1079s

Post  Jeremy Ashford Thu 21 Nov - 13:42

I had just bought something for Nicole on trademe,
when I realised the same buyer was selling these 1079s.
Without much thought I pressed the accept offer button,
knowing at least I wouldn't be paying any extra for post.

I didn't even need them for my 4-digit collection,
as I had already got one identical from janpots.
Never mind: they look great.

Can anyone who knows offer me advice on this:
Does this dark iridescent glaze indicate production
at Luke Adams, rather than Titian?
brainstorm: set of 1079s 107910
brainstorm: set of 1079s 1079b10
brainstorm: set of 1079s 1079s10
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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brainstorm: set of 1079s Empty Re: brainstorm: set of 1079s

Post  Ev Thu 21 Nov - 14:01

The records say that the 1079's were made at Chch [Luke Adams]
That is the other tell tale Luke Adams glaze Jeremy.... it's different to any of the others that were used on Crown Lynn products.
There is also Titian? on the 1079 entry, so I'm guessing that someone thought that the Titian factory also made them too.

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