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four digit 1029 ... and a knockoff?

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four digit 1029 ... and a knockoff? Empty four digit 1029 ... and a knockoff?

Post  Jeremy Ashford Fri 10 Jan - 16:52

Crown Lynn usually managed a great degree of precision,
and regularity in its cups and mugs.
I have a 1029 mug and a mug that looks very like it:
four digit 1029 ... and a knockoff? 120911
Left is 1029: Right I just don't know

The apparent height difference in the photo is real.
1029 is 100mm clear high but the other tries hard and fails 95mm.
Widths at top are 76 and 72 respectively.
The handle is also slightly smaller
four digit 1029 ... and a knockoff? 120912
Footrings are 63 and 58 OD.
The strange mug has no markings.

The small difference in dimension maked a sizeable difference
in volume contained: 350ml down to 310.
The fettling is not of the quality expected from Crown Lynn.
The banding pattern is less clearly defined.

I know from the mugs 1078 and 1329 that Crown Lynn did produce variations,
but I think this might be a copy.
If a mould was taken from a 1029 mug then consequent shrinkages entailed in that process could account for the size differences.

I know Studio Ceramics has been reproducing some of the more popular Crown Lynn items but surely this mug does not qualify.

Any thoughts?
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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