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Earlier shape 781 (tulip cup) and 805

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Earlier shape 781 (tulip cup) and 805 Empty Earlier shape 781 (tulip cup) and 805

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Sat 17 May - 14:41

Because I have been writing about jumbo saucers which I believe to be the 744 shape there is a matter I need to address:

SLIGHTLY larger tulip cups (not jumbos) and their SLIGHTLY larger saucers.

I have written elsewhere about what I believe to be three different phases of tulip, but what is significant here is that what I believe to be an early tulip saucer (805) is pretty much the same outside diameter as the jumbo saucer (744, I say).
Here they are, and to avoid issues of measuring I have left the rule on the photos.
Earlier shape 781 (tulip cup) and 805 Measur10
From left: standard 805, "early 805", jumbo 744

As you can see the "early 805" is significantly larger than the standard (less than 145mm) but within 1mm of the jumbo (about 149mm). Seen together the "early 805" and jumbo look pretty much the same except for the cup well which is significantly bigger in the jumbo.
Earlier shape 781 (tulip cup) and 805 744_8010

The "early cup" is bigger (except the base) and lighter than the 781 and the handle differs slightly:
Earlier shape 781 (tulip cup) and 805 781s10
left early, right later

Here is the early cup showing the handle:
Earlier shape 781 (tulip cup) and 805 Early_10

I have seen quite a few cups like this, usually with 1950s or early 1960s backstamps.
Val's Collectors Guide has quite a few. Naturally these larger and lighter-weight cups look better displayed on the matching saucers. This might be a good place to see some of them.

More here:
(Since writing the "which cups..." topic I have had some doubts about the matter of handle height in relation to "impressed or raised mark" but it certainly holds true for all my Fleurette cups.)
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