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The Yellow Kiwi Temuka/Crown Lynn?

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The Yellow Kiwi Temuka/Crown Lynn? Empty The Yellow Kiwi Temuka/Crown Lynn?

Post  Jeremy Ashford Sun 24 Aug - 21:01

I see I have unfortunately played a part in another auction coming undone.

As a hopeful bidder in one auction and a cavalier bidder in another that were both pulled recently it makes me wonder about the wisdom of commenting on other peoples auctions, when one does not intend to become a bidder.

Sometimes it is gratefully appreciated but other times it can be a spoiler.

This yellow kiwi was originally listed as Temuka. I know nothing of Temuka but know that it looks identical to Crown Lynn 156/165 kiwis. To that end I added a comment:

The sole bidder eventually pulled out and it has been relisted with a $1 reserve:

For fear of fowling the auction again (or being blacklisted, which has been known to happen) I will stay well clear: I think this a more suitable place for discussion of the subject.

Did Temuka produce such a Kiwi or is the seller's expert mistaken?
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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The Yellow Kiwi Temuka/Crown Lynn? Empty Re: The Yellow Kiwi Temuka/Crown Lynn?

Post  Ev Mon 25 Aug - 7:36

I bemoaned the fact that the details were not showing when it was first listed, but comparing them to your two Jeremy I would have to say that it looks like Crown Lynn to me.  The knot in the tree trunk on the spill vase and the fern leaf at the base of the tree both indicate that they are Crown Lynn and are evidence enough for me.  Traders only want to hear good things about their auctions and don't like to be corrected by anyone and I use that as a rule of thumb now, unless they ask for help/confirmation.

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