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Te Rona small pot, #25 and lid #225

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Te Rona small pot, #25 and lid #225 Empty Te Rona small pot, #25 and lid #225

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Wed 3 Dec - 14:29

Today's opshopping theme was "I don't really need this", but St John's Market keeps coming up with surprises so I spent my $2.

Te Rona agateware sugar (jam, honey??) pot #25 with plain lid #225
Te Rona small pot, #25 and lid #225 Terona10
78mm H to lip x 70 OD top, lid 72 OD x 21 H (not including internal flange)
total H is about 100
shiny glaze, some crazing

It looks like this could be shape #20 without a handle.

I almost put the lid back thinking it belonged elsewhere and it wasn't until I was taking photos I saw the finely scratched marking Te Rona #225.
(Well it looks most like 225 to me, the first digit is difficult to read.)
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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