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Stage Artware mug backstamped

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Stage Artware mug backstamped Empty Stage Artware mug backstamped

Post  Jeremy Ashford Fri 17 Feb - 16:20

This mug is a Stage Artware shape but its backstamp is " hand ..."

The link jumps to but the page is blank.
Stage Artware mug backstamped Dvnz10

Could "dv" be Divine Design?

The writing around the base is "Electralines".
Electra owns and operates the electricity lines and assets in the Kapiti and Horowhenua districts in NZ:

Compare the shape with Val's crazy cat mug:
Today I noticed that Stacy Morrison, Northland Pottery, is also using the Stage Artware mug shape. This does not appear in my photo of Stacy's display stand in the link about her work:

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Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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Stage Artware mug backstamped Empty Re: Stage Artware mug backstamped

Post  Maryr Fri 17 Feb - 17:08

Hmm I wonder if Stage knew their shape was being used. Or else they supplied the blanks?

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