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a second Tangaroa bottle

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a second Tangaroa bottle

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Sat 20 Sep - 21:57

Tangaroa bottle

Small Tangaroa bottle for liqueur or suchlike. (There were larger ones.)

I saw some of these on ooga mooga and they were considered to be Rarotongan, but to the best of my knowledge they wouldn't have had the facilities to make them there (even though that's where they were sold).

mine on left, dark green, 137mm H x 47 across base, flat bottom
internet grabs on right

These were made for many years and I suspect that like the Ti-Toki bottles they would have had different manufacturers over time.

Presumably some will have been made in NZ.

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Tangaroa 2

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Sun 8 Nov - 13:17

I picked up another Tangaroa bottle on last week's visit to Dargaville.

This one is smaller than my other.
It is so small that it appears to be single serving and I suspect it may have been an airlines giveaway (Polynesian Airlines?) like the little Air New Zealand buildings.

117mm H x 40 across base

This one also has a footring and a set of numbers "1365" which may help in identifying the pottery involved.

This looks identical to one currently listed on tm by barcookie:

barcookie's one is numbered 1133 or 1135.

Mine was a lot cheaper at $10 (which I really had to think about before paying) but it does lack the tag that I see on the tm one.

The miniature bottle library tells me that the dark brown tangaroa bottle dates from the 1980s:

That time period would fit for Crown Lynn, Orzel, and possibly for Parker.

David Stanley's South Pacific Handbook informs us that Tangaroa coconut coffee liqueur was sold in 500ml bottles for $NZ40 and 100ml for $20. I have also seen images showing Tangaroa bottles tagged "Kona Kona" island mango liqueur from Blue Moon Distilleries.

My two bottles are 50ml and 100ml.

ooga mooga attributes the 100ml "5.5" shape to cheekytiki but I can find no reference to it on the site. If it was from cheekytiki it would be no more than ten years old.
Jeremy Ashford

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