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the 859 earthenware demitasse cup: South Pacific IGA Capri Wee Pets Bunny

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the 859 earthenware demitasse cup: South Pacific IGA Capri Wee Pets Bunny

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Fri 20 Feb - 16:08

It's a while since I have written anything about demitasses and I think the 859 deserves its own topic.

Between Portage and the forum we are now agreed the the mini-South-Pacific (mini-fatbum) cup is the 859.

859 left (60mm H x 71 OD top) and 780 South Pacific right

The 859 was a replacement for the earthenware version of the 773 small coffee cup.
I believe no earthenware 773s were made after the introduction of the 859, but the vitrified version continued, albeit a slight revision.

773 earthenware left and 859 right

The 859 shape was produced in a variety of patterns, the most notable being the IGA cups. Also South Pacific, Wee Pets (Wee Pets British), IGA, Bunny and Capri.

from left: South Pacific, Wee Pets British, IGA, Bunny, IGA

With a change of cup shape came a new saucer too. Well two new earthenware shapes and a new vitrified shape. (Last not shown here.) The first replacement saucer looks like a modification of the original (footring omitted); the second looks like a miniature 805 coupe saucer.

back: first replacement (120mm OD), final e/w demi-saucer (121mm)
front: original earthenware demi-saucer (119mm)

From the saucers we see that the earliest 859 here was South Pacific.
(Although the Wee Pets British is also the early replacement saucer.)
(I think Capri has the same saucer shape as IGA.)

The only number we have for the earthenware demi-saucers is 774.
(Portage has a few saucers they have IDed as 774 that are as much as 20mm wider that the original 774: I'll leave them to work through that.)

I have a few more thoughts here but will leave them for now.


We should really have a Capri here, and any other interesting 859s.
Jeremy Ashford

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