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Old Temuka vitrified cups, including NZR railway cups: new shape(s) and backstamp(s) for the GALLERY

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Old Temuka vitrified cups, including NZR railway cups: new shape(s) and backstamp(s) for the GALLERY

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Thu 8 Dec - 16:08

Four old Temuka vitrified cup shapes, including NZR railway cups.

Back in September I added a new Temuka NZR cup to my collection and a week ago added a further new old Temuka cup shape (having also just won Stour Ware and Temuka Potteries mugs, recently posted).

It is good to have the South Island getting some representation in the "historical" part of my commercial mugs collection which also includes one from Luke Adams. Unfortunately I missed a few others including sadly Christchurch Brick Company. A 105mm high Chrischurch a brick Co jug appeared briefly on Wednesday before being snapped up on a buy now for a mere $55.

The latest Temuka has brought my early Temuka cup shapes to four, the NZR cups and a slightly downspec'ed version of one of the railway cups, all of which have a similar backstamp (as seen in the gallery), and the new cup which I suspect could be the oldest of all as it bears a different backstamp.

Here are the four distinct shapes in no particular chronological order, with their backstamps immediately beneath. These are separate photos montaged so size differences depicted are not necessarily accurate.

(Unfortunately it looks as though I have put the wrong backstamp below one of the lower cups so I will have to redo this montage at some time. Correct stamps are used in the stamps montage below.)

The cups are all similar in size and bowl shape. The top diameter of each is about 80mm with only minor variation but heights vary from 73 to 77mm: differences can be seen in the photo below, with the cups each in the same position as the previous photo. BL the narrowest: BR is the tallest.

The two cups on the left in the main montage are NZR cups. Top left has an NZR and Crown stamp or decal similar to that used by Crown Lynn but the colour is not solid black or cobalt blue like the CL decals but brown, so it is a surprise to see that the "Temuka Ware" backstamp is a strong cobalt blue. The Temuka decal is not identical to that used by Crown Lynn. It is lighter in colour, the lettering is larger, of lighter weight and more widely spaced, and the crown is a different shape. The position on the cup is consistent with that of the black Crown Lynn monogram, adjacent to the handle. Bottom left has a simple "N.Z.R." stamp and "Temuka Ware" backstamp in the same muted blue-grey. The position of the NZR stamp is consistent with that of the blue Crown Lynn NZR decal, opposite the handle.

The two cups on the right are not NZR cups. Top right has a similar blobby type of handle to TL but it is a distinctly different shape: the top of the handle is the same height as the lip. The backstamp is different from all the others, reading "Vitrified Porcelain Temuka NZ". Bottom right is similar to bottom left but it is wider and taller and its handle is bigger, higher and less detailed.

The two cups at the top have clear glaze and the two at the bottom have white glaze.

Temuka vitrified cups in the gallery

The two cups in the gallery at the time of posting appear to correspond to TL and BR however whilst one is identified in the caption as a railway cup there was no evidence in mrnarna's original post (in image or text) that the example shown has an NZR decal, AND mrnarna's cup has a crisp black backstamp whereas mine is cobalt. Without narna's cup in hand I cannot make a meaningful comparison with my similar one. mrnarna's is here:
mumof1's cup is here:

I have tried to interpret relative ages comparing aspects of the cups themselves and comparison with Crown Lynn NZR cups and could chatter about it but I think we need a bit more info yet.

I'll leave what should go into the gallery to the discretion of the administrators, but as this could be complex I'll give some suggestions. Including nrmarna's example the simple "Temuka Ware" backstamp has three colour variations: black, cobalt, blue-grey. These may have some bearing on age. The "porcelain" backstamp obviously needs to go in.
As for the cups, here's my recommendation. My two NZR cups go in titled as "Temuka Ware NZR cup" and "Temuka Ware NZR cup with crown". Retain the existing cups, but rename mrnarna's one "Temuka Ware plain cup heavy handle" or "Temuka Ware plain cup clear glaze" or similar, then mumof1's could be "Temuka Ware plain cup light handle" or "Temuka Ware plain cup white glaze" etc. Add my new cup (TR) as "Temuka vitrified porcelain plain cup".

Need more pictures?
Just ask.

One last question to leave you all with:
Where are all the Temuka vitrified saucers?
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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Temuka Ware Cup

Post  JanPots on Sun 23 Apr - 11:49

I was lucky enough to find one of these Temuka Ware cups yesterday.
No saucer Jeremy !! Razz


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