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Post  moth Thu 31 Mar - 14:02

After a lot of research and reading - I got Valerie Ringer Monk's book- and fossicking around the local second hand shop and obsessively trawling the on line auction sites - I have finally chosen our "new" dinner set and it is being packed even as we speak, ready for posting from the top of the North Island to the middle of the South! (Oh the postage cost...)

I've gone with Sapphire - it is such a pretty colour and pattern and replacement pieces seem quite readily available.

Valerie's book says it dates from the 1960s, but I read on here about a 1980 fire that delayed the release of the new Sapphire pattern (quoted from a magazine.) Or does that mean the release of new pieces in the existing Sapphire pattern? I'm a bit confused about the date sapphire was first released. Can anyone clear this up for me please?

Finally, I wondered if Sapphire is a "collectable" pattern - I think it''s really pretty , but is it a sought after design? Will it appreciate in value? (please note, we do have other retirement plans in place!)

Kind regards,


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Post  Ev Thu 31 Mar - 14:22

So pleased that you made your choice, I agree it is a lovely fresh pattern even after 45 years. cheers Great that you looked at Val Monks book too Very Happy
Sapphire is popular but not outrageous in price, probably because there is enough around to meet the demand ....? I've seen many different types of tableware in this pattern too .... eg ramekins, ovenware, casseroles, condiments etc etc. So it will be fun to look out for these pieces in opshops and elsewhere.
Sapphire shows up in the Deco advices in 1965. I'm not sure what the 1980 delay re a fire reference was about in the Crown Lynn magazine, I just noted it down and shared it on here..... confusing I know, but one day we may understand the meaning of it....?

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