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488 & 542 Vases

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488 & 542 Vases Empty 488 & 542 Vases

Post  DaSiEm Sun 25 Sep - 23:23

488 & 542 Vases S7305221

488 above

542 below

488 & 542 Vases _54210

I just got the 488 and on closer inspection, it's been painted white. The paint has flaked away in a couple of places and just makes it look untidy. I pulled out my 542 and it seems to be the same. The 488 in the gallery looks like it has been painted as well.

Is that just coincidence or were the log vases all distributed painted white?

Does anyone know if there is a way to tidy the flaked areas?


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488 & 542 Vases Empty Re: 488 & 542 Vases

Post  Ev Mon 26 Sep - 18:16

Apparently Crown Lynn sold many shapes that were not glazed and Salisbury's/Royal Oak would paint them and sell them on. Other companies did this as well .....
I have a ghastly green 529 and a white 546 both have been painted.
The 529 is very shabby looking and I spent hours and hours trying to get the paint off .... but it is stuck fast. hon-john said to leave it as is - as that would been the original paint from all of those years ago ..... a pukey lime green !!
The 546 looks like new, except for a hairline fracture .... Razz
These have been painted one colour unlike the picturesque colourful painted Salibury/Crown Lynn pots.
The only way I can think of to tidy them up would be a fresh coat of paint Wink

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