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Careful if bidding on this Little Deer !!

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Careful if bidding on this Little Deer !! Empty Careful if bidding on this Little Deer !!

Post  mumof1 on Sun 8 Apr - 20:15

I felt I should let all know about the little deer on this auction -
I have personally seen this, inspected it and put it back on the shelf. While there are no dramatic faults with it, i.e. chips etc, it is not perfectly formed. There is a bulge around the neck/shoulder area, as if the head was broken off when made, and then re-applied before firing. I have recently purchased a little 202 deer, and if I run my finger from the ears down the back of the neck to the base, it is completely smooth. This one has a definite bulge just above the shoulders (you can just make it out in the photos). I have also asked a question on the auction regarding this, unanswered as yet. I am not sure if this would worry anyone or not, but felt I should mention it and let you make up your own minds.

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