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Two mystery unmarked pots

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Two mystery unmarked pots Empty Two mystery unmarked pots

Post  Cat-a-lat Mon 20 May - 6:23

I think both of these are just fantastic in their own ways, I think the vase might be slip cast, but it has the most stunning decoration on it. The large bottle (at least 35cm tall) is just so well made, but no sign of any potters mark - I was wondering whether anyone might recognise the style of either. I still have half a mind to go back at pay the $10 for the larger one - a great price for it I think, I just didn't really have the cash spare Sad

anyway, the photos:

Two mystery unmarked pots Cam00613

and the big, stoppered bottle

Two mystery unmarked pots Cam00614

Two mystery unmarked pots Cam00615

Two mystery unmarked pots Cam00616

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Two mystery unmarked pots Empty Re: Two mystery unmarked pots

Post  Glenys Mon 20 May - 8:25

Buy the pot, it's superb.
The other 'bottle' is SO reminiscent of the 70's/80's. I just hate leaving them behind in the op shop because they haven't got a mark. I should practice what I preach and buy for the quality of the work, not just because it's named or marked!!! Smile Sad Crying or Very sad But then I'm not collecting. OMG it's SO hard.


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