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definitely NOT Cook&Serve Empty definitely NOT Cook&Serve

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Sat 7 Dec - 22:42

I couldn't resist this set of six coffee cans and saucers.
Same specification as Rorstrand cans and saucers and
Crown Lynn Cook & Serve cans and saucers.
The main but not only difference is the handle.
I took a bunch of pictures comparing them with
a Cook & Serve "Image" can and saucer.
definitely NOT Cook&Serve Notcs10
_____unmarked can and saucer_________CL Image can and saucer______
definitely NOT Cook&Serve Ntcss10
The unmarked saucer, top, is slightly smaller.
definitely NOT Cook&Serve Notcs210
The cans are the same size...
definitely NOT Cook&Serve Notcsh10
...but the handles are different.

When something comes so close to matching I'm sure there's a story.
At first I thought they were Birger Kaipiainen who worked for Rorstrand
and Arabia Finland. Similar can but different handles again.
Any ideas welcome.
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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