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The Spoon Jar or SpoonS Jar

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The Spoon Jar or SpoonS Jar Empty The Spoon Jar or SpoonS Jar

Post  Jeremy Ashford Wed 12 Feb - 15:29

When I started taking a renewed interest in NZ pottery something that intrigued me was the concept of a separate cup on the table just for spoons.
I took an instant liking to the Temuka spoon jar/mug/cup and thought that if you collected enough of them you'd have a nice set of ceramic tumblers.
I have yet to get even one Temuka spoon jar but have picked up quite a few from the Auckland commercial potteries.

The first photo shows spoons mugs (whatever!) from Stewart, Kermiko, Orzel (Settlers), and the one which for the moment is still called "Random".
The Spoon Jar or SpoonS Jar Oddspo10
All but the Orzel Settlers reproduce the shapes of their pottery's flagship mug with the omission of the handle. I have yet to see a Settlers mug in the shape above.

The second photo is Royal Oak in different glazes. I kept buying them until finally I got one in my favourite Lava Glaze. As you can see, not all have a "Spoons" label.
The Spoon Jar or SpoonS Jar Rospoo11

I added the Clay Craft Spoons jars to the post on 14/2/14. They are slightly different sizes. (l-m-r: 2-1-3, 1 is biggest) I thought I had more but they are "Token" jars.
The Spoon Jar or SpoonS Jar Spoons10

Spoon jars were also made with double cups for wet and dry spoons, and there were containers for wet teabags too.

I look forward to seeing a wide range of spoon jars, from commercial and studio potters. Idle question: did Crown Lynn produce spoon jars?

I guess it's because I grew up with Crown Lynn and never had any spoon mugs that they are such a novelty to me.

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