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Orzel & CL Horses

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Orzel & CL Horses  Empty Orzel & CL Horses

Post  Jonno on Sat 15 Mar - 13:32

I picked up an 'Albany to Boston' Mug the other day (already on the Gallery)
and as I was cleaning it was struck by the illustration of the coach and four illustration and thought that seems familiar.

Sure enough a similar but not the same is on an Orzel Flan dish that I posted some time back.

So, did the same artist provide illustrations for both CL & Orzel or is the mug actually an Orzel made CL lookalike. One has a Five horse Team the other a Four and the are going in opposite directions but the artist 'hand' is strikingly similar it seems to me.
Orzel & CL Horses  Orzel_11
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