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Post  DaSiEm Mon 22 Dec - 20:11

Sorry I have been off the radar lately, I have found out I am pregnant with my first child so it has been hectic times.

On my travels, I came across this wee darling.  I don't recognise the mark and was hoping for some input.

Pooch... Wp_00113

Pooch... Wp_00114

Pooch... Wp_00115

Pooch... Wp_00116

You'll have to excuse the light, sun has dropped already and I didn't really want to wait till tomorrow. The mark does look like a kiwi and I did have a decent look through the website. Any information would be appreciated...

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Post  Cat-a-lat Tue 23 Dec - 7:43

Wow, congratulations DaSiEm!! Fantastic news Smile All the best cheers

And sorry, can't help with the pooch :charlie:

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Post  Ev Tue 23 Dec - 8:06

Huge congratulations DaSiEm Very Happy

I've never seen that dog before, so I can't help sorry.

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