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Saucer number thoughts .....

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Saucer number thoughts ..... Empty Saucer number thoughts .....

Post  Ev Mon 23 Feb - 17:56

I have a 1988 catalogue and in it there are a few patterns that have the 3066 Honey Cup and the 4050 Rimmed Bell cup Saucer.... Modern Living, Chelsea, Pampas and  Plain White
Homestyle and Duet have the 3066 cup and the 4062 saucer!

3066 cup -
Saucer number thoughts ..... 306610

4050 saucer -
Saucer number thoughts ..... 405010

4062 saucer-
Saucer number thoughts ..... 406210

So these shapes were easy to find as I had the examples.

But the Portage site has different shapes .... wahhhhh

The 4050 saucer appears to have a wide well -

The Portage 4062 looks more like it ..

So now I'm going to have to measure and double check all of my saucer numbers!
And this all came about because of an unknown Candy Modello cup and saucer Very Happy

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Saucer number thoughts ..... Empty Re: Saucer number thoughts .....

Post  Jeremy Ashford Mon 23 Feb - 20:51

A problem for me with saucers is that while the pattern information is on the front, and photographing this helps for matching patterns in catalogues and brochures it is hard to get a real idea of the shape.

The 4062 above looks more shapely than the one you have linked at Portage, but I guess that is the way the light is reflecting off it. The Portage one looks like a coupe shape.

When I was working through the vitrified saucers (still an ongoing project) I found a lot of info on the back, I'm not talking backstamp which of course can give a lot of info, but shape: deflections (does it fold or curve etc), existence and position and size of footrings.

There is a topic on what saucers go with what cups but it seems to have stalled. In that topic I showed that the humble 805 saucer (for tulips, shape 25 etc) had at least two different footring diameters and the footrings themselves also changed over the years. I think there was even one 805 or perhaps the four digit version that had no footring and a hollow bottom.

Is there any chance of a photo of the back of the 4062?

Ultimately I'd like to see a topic of earthenware saucer shapes showing front, back, and a 3D view as I have done for vit saucers, along with the various cups that sit on them.

I'd be happy to do that but my e/w saucer collection is not that great.

Sorry I have little to offer by way of help here, Ev, as far as identifying the matches. I'm sort of working thru them as they turn up for me but as I say I'm still a bit short on e/w cups and saucers yet.

(And one day we'll work out what's up with my Modello "duo"!)
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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