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Post  mumof1 Thu 21 May - 22:11

Nancy Gillespie Dsc05712
I have had this sugar container for a long time now, but never could work out who made it.
Nancy Gillespie Dsc05713
It has a label on the base, but the initial is missing, and I couldn't find anything that helped online, and there is no mark.
Nancy Gillespie Dsc05714
Today I found this beautiful big bowl, great for baking I thought! As I went to pay for it, the lady at the counter (who is also one of our members) said 'I'm sure that was made by Nancy Gillespie'. 'Really?' I said, and told her about the sugar pot.
Nancy Gillespie Dsc05715
When I got home, I headed for the sugar pot, turned it sideways, and voila! it is even a pattern match! When I looked closely at the sticker again, I could just see the tops of where the N would have been. Great day.

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