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horse mugs please help

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horse mugs please help  Empty horse mugs please help

Post  sunnyday02 Wed 18 May - 17:08

Hi there i have two cups that have the crownlynn made in new zealand

on the bottom and are brown speckled type cups with pictures of horses on them with a rider are they crown lynn and if so what is the name of them please so i can try and look them up

thanks in advance


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horse mugs please help  Empty Re: horse mugs please help

Post  Jeremy Ashford Wed 18 May - 18:24

Crown Lynn used transfers of horses on a number of different cup shapes, some of them quite early ones like shaving mugs.

The most obvious thing is to type the word horse into our search engine.

Many of mugs that had horse transfers will be found in the castware gallery. You won't necessarily find them with the horse transfers but you will see the cup, mug, and tankard shapes there. Click on the link and work your way through five pages of shapes, not all cups.

Castware gallery:

There are a couple of horse mugs we are keeping an eye out for, that is we only have drawings so far. See them here:

Third place to look is the jiggered cup shapes. Again you may see the shape but it won't necessarily have the same decoration.
Jiggered cups gallery:

The pages I have directed you to are all wares made after 1964. For earlier shapes you will have to look at the galleries for shapes with three digit numbers. Most of those are in the 700s and 800s galleries.



Let us know how you get on, and when possible post some photos.
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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horse mugs please help  Empty Re: horse mugs please help

Post  Ev Thu 19 May - 7:55

sunnyday sent these photos to the site:

horse mugs please help  305210

horse mugs please help  3052_b10

The Shape number is 3052 and it is called an Edge Pattern Mug and was first made
18.8.1980. This shape has many different patterns on them.

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