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Jenny Turnbull - Otaki

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Jenny Turnbull - Otaki Empty Jenny Turnbull - Otaki

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Wed 30 Nov - 13:57

Two Jenny Turnbull "Vintage Ware" fabricated mugs.

I was really taken with these mugs by Jenny Turnbull but it was a pickup auction and they were out of reach in Wellington. Then Brooke T-T said he'd collect them for me while he and Olwyn were down that way, so I clicked buy now to allow us time to get organised. That was in September and I've only just got around to photographing them. I see no potters mark on either mug.
Jenny Turnbull - Otaki Jt10

I would rather have paid half the auction sum for just one but as Jenny has used different fabrics for making each one the play of patterns adds something to display. And the cost was mitigated by not having to pay for postage (with the added risk of damage).

Jenny's website
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