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Brendan Adams "non-slip" mug

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Brendan Adams "non-slip" mug Empty Brendan Adams "non-slip" mug

Post  Jeremy Ashford Sun 23 Aug - 17:40

I'd hoped to see Marcus yesterday but he was busy helping set up the exhibition at The Front Room gallery. He gave me directions and I visited this morning.

As I like Brendan's castware so much I thought I should buy one of his handmade pieces. Even after looking at his studio, and loving everything I saw, both cast and handpotted, I splashed out and bought one of the exhibition pieces. This and the mug by Renton are the first pottery I have bought new since I was a teenager. Time to support the artists.

Brendan Adams "non-slip" mug Brenda10

There were two like this but this one fitted my finger.

Brendan has started making mugs with smaller bowls guided by his coffee drinking needs.

I know where they are now and will be back for the next exhibition, which will include work by Marcus.

The rest of the exhibition:
Jeremy Ashford
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