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Is this d529 Dreamsong Brown???

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Is this d529 Dreamsong Brown??? Empty Is this d529 Dreamsong Brown???

Post  Jeremy Ashford on Sun 30 Aug - 1:12

In earlier discussion on 3023 coffee cans I offered the suggestion that as d528 Candy Stripe and d530 to d532 were all patterns on said 3023 cans that perhaps d529 was also on a 3023. (Candy Stripe d528 ... Purple Myrtle d530, Arthur and Martha d531, Captain Sharples d532)
Ev wrote:Database has -
529 Dreamsong Brown
529 Redlegs

When I first posted this 3023/4017 duo, below, I wrote that I agreed with gloworm that the colour appears to be a match for Forma brown.

There is no pic in the gallery for d529 Dreamsong Brown.
So, I'm just wondering if this "Forma Brown" colour on the duo is d529.
Is this d529 Dreamsong Brown??? Xxbrow10
3023/4017 duo: d529 Dreamsong Brown?

I'm not totally convinced myself as I thought the duo to be heavier than those in 528 and 530-532, thus I thought it would have been made later, but otherwise it fits nicely.

I guess another issue would be the colour on the underside of the saucer. The other cans date from 1968. I don't have the date for Mark Cleverley's Echo in my head but I think it's later. Echo was famous first for colour under flatware.
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford

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Is this d529 Dreamsong Brown??? Empty Re: Is this d529 Dreamsong Brown???

Post  Ev on Sun 30 Aug - 9:26

I need more confirmation for this one Jeremy.  Searching around I found Dreamsong Cream in the Auckland Museum records and it says 'Same print as Daydream'.  We have Daydream on the site ...

This doesn't mean anything, but I will look forward to finding Dreamsong Brown Wink

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